Volunteer Duty Form - Don’t forget to fill it out for the 2018 soccer season

BVSS would like to thank all this year’s volunteers for making this soccer session a success.  Don't forget you need to fill out a volunteer duty form, you can find this information on our website under volunteers or click here.

Just a reminder to all individuals who haven't completed their volunteer hours, we still have lots of jobs available and are in need of volunteers.  If you haven’t been assigned a job, you need to contact someone and make sure you have completed your volunteer hours (5 hours per child) as you will be charged the $95.  It is your responsibility to find a job.

Details of Volunteer Jobs and how many hours each job covers can be found here.

If you still need a volunteer job or can offer extra help, please contact your Division Volunteer Coordinator.

Just to name a few, we are still looking for:

Individuals to help with Tournaments

Individuals to help with Year-end Fun Day

Please feel free to contact Stewart at volunteer@bvsoccer.ca or myself at admin@bvsoccer.ca if you have any questions.