Coaches are an integral and necessary part of BV Soccer and we appreciate your time and energy.

Coaches  have access to FREE local coaching clinic and will receive a manual.

For 2019 All coaches should have completed a Criminal Record Check (CRC) prior to season starting.  Click here or see the attached document below with all the details.  If you have any questions, doubt about whether BVSS has a valid CRC on file for you or are having difficulties, please contact our CRC Coordinator at

Please refer to News and Events for information on Coaching Clinics

Chandler Park Maintenance

To maintain the Chandler fields in the best possible shape, to help to prevent overuse and excessive wear in the goal crease and at the request of the Town.

Avoid the goal keeper’s areas during practice
At the end of games, please turn around the goals (goal frames) 

When in doubt turn the goals (goal frames) around so wear and tear occurs on the area behind the goal.


  • Coach Code of Conduct
  • Parent Code of Conduct
  • Player Code of Conduct
  • Players Health Head Injuries Concussions
  • Think First Concussion Guidelines
  • Coach Registration Forms 2019
  • Coach CRC Information - **UPDATED for 2019**

    Coaching Resources & Information

    Find links to great coaching tools.

    SportMedBC & Health and Safety

    SportMedBC is a professional society promoting leadership, awareness and education in the areas of sport medicine, sport science and sport training.


    Here is the BVSS Bullying Policy, what you need to know, recommendations, and prevention.

    Concussion Information

    BVSS wants to ensure that all coaches, parents and players have access to important information with regards to signs and symptoms of a Concussion.