New to soccer info - FAQ

Here are some quick facts for those new to BV soccer, or for those who would like to learn more about BVSS:

• BVSS has six house leagues U6, U8, U10, U12, U14 and U18 and from ages 5 to 18.

• House league commences the beginning of May and terminates at the end of June.

• Registration is about a month long. Deadline for registration is early April. Forms of advertising will be; newspaper, radio, banners on Hwy 16, emails and Facebook posts.

• BVSS is a volunteer run society. Parents/guardians are responsible for volunteering 5 hours per player.   Refer to 'Volunteer information' on this website for more details.

• Parents need to stay on the field during games /practices for U6 and U8 divisions. Parents of these divisions need to be available to attend any potential needs of their child.

• BVSS supplies training equipment, balls and jerseys required for the season.  The jerseys are not be brought home. A volunteer will collect the jerseys at the end of each event, practice or game.

• Shin guards are required for all divisions, as well as cleats except for U6 where cleats are recommended. This is the players' responsibility to supply

• Our development/select teams are formed as a result of two factors;

1. A demand of players and,

2. An availability of coaches. 

Some teams start in-doors early in the year and continue throughout the summer.  

• For practice and game cancellation due to weather or other circumstances, look for an email 30 minutes prior to game/practice.  Your Division Manager makes the call if practice will to be cancelled and notify coaches and team parents. 

• The U8-U10 divisions have two half day tournaments and U12-U18 have 1 full day tournament.