2019 Referee Courses click here to register

Walnut Park

Small sided- Must be turning 12 this year or older

Course code to register - BVSS2019SS

March 30th 9am to 3pm

Entry level –Must be turning 14 this year or older  

Course code to register -  BVSS2019E

April 12 6-9pm, April 13th 9am-5pm and

April 14th 9am to 1pm
Refresher – Previously taken the entry level April 14th 2pm-5pm

Hazelton Secondary School

Small Sided – 12 years and older March 31th, 9am-3pm - Course Code BVSS2019H

Houston Secondary School

Small Sided – 12 years and older May 4th, 9am - 3pm - Course  Code BVSS2019SSH

Entry Level – 14 years and older May 10th,  6pm-10pm, May 11th, 9am-5pm, and May 12 9am-2pm - Course Code BVSS2019EH

Criminal Record Checks

For 2019 All Referees turning 19 years or older should have completed a Criminal Record Check (CRC) prior to season starting.  See attached document below with all the details.  If you have any questions or are having difficulties, please contact our CRC Coordinator at

Chandler Park Maintenance

To maintain the Chandler fields in the best possible shape, prevent overuse,  excessive wear in the goal crease, and at the request of the town, please do the following:

Avoid the goal keeper’s areas during practice
At the end of games, please turn around the goals (goal frames) 

When in doubt turn the goals (goal frames) around so wear and tear occurs on the area behind the goal.


Referee Scheduler:  Cindy Thummerer, 


  • Referee Criminal Record Check Information