BV Youth Soccer rests on a foundation of quality volunteer engagement. The BV Soccer Society needs and is grateful for your support because it facilitates getting our youth out on the pitch, year in, year out, in a successful way.

This year, a goal is increased clarity and accountability regarding volunteer duties. 
BV Youth Soccer's 2018 volunteer duties are comprehensively listed and requests for help are clearly communicated as part of the online registration process. 

Please note that volunteers need to report out the completion of volunteer duties using this form here. If individuals are unable to complete a volunteer duty or do not complete the duty form, a charge of $95 will be applied to next year’s registration. 

Thanks again for your past support and help and we look forward to a great season.

Any questions regarding volunteer duties can be directed to volunteer@bvsoccer.ca.

Please see below for a description of volunteer duties.


  • 2018 Volunteer Alllocation Hours