Select Program

“In order to play in the select program, you must be registered and playing in the house league.”

Select teams will have tryouts and the division of the team will be determined by the level of interest as well as the fortune of BV Soccer to have a dedicated and certified coach. Thus, not all divisions may run at one time. We, as an association welcome continued and increasing interest in the Coaching realm of our program.

Cost: $30 at time of team selection, additional costs may incur, for further information, please ask the coach or team manager.

Note that practice times may change from time to time. Please contact coach if coming for the first time.

BVSS is offering extra soccer practice within our Development and Select Soccer Programs.

For Girls:

Starting Mid May and ends mid-August

Times and Field: Sundays 4 to 6pm at Chandler Park

U10 Development Soccer- Girls Born: 2009,2008 - First Practice May 22nd

U13 Select Soccer - Girls Born: 2007,2006,2005

U15 Select Soccer - Girls Born: 2004,2003

U16 – 18 - TBD

For Boys:

U18 Select Soccer- Boys

Times: Tuesday 4:00pm - 5:30pm /Friday 4:30pm - 6pm Chandler Park

U16 Select Soccer– Boys

Times: Tuesday and Fridays 4:00pm  - 5:30pm Chandler Park

U14 Select Soccer– Boys

Times: Mondays 6:00pm  - 7:30pm

U12 Select Soccer- Boys

Times: Sundays 4:00pm to 6:00pm Chandler Park

Please contact the Select Coordinator at for more information or if you are interested in volunteering.

BVSS wants to thank all coaches that volunteered their time.

Golden Rule: If a player finishes a practice or game sweaty with a smile on their face then you know you have been successful.