Your volunteer help is essential to make our program run well!

Parents are expected to volunteer 5 hours per player.

Please volunteer to support youth soccer in the Bulkley Valley to ensure that we have a successful season. 

This year our club will continue to use the online application called Sign.up.com to organize duties and volunteer roles in Smithers and Telkwa.  Many clubs in our valley are adopting this application tool, as parents receive a link, sign-up for roles or duties and then receive reminders and can sync with their e-calendars, all without needing a password.

Please sign up for a volunteer role at time of registration.  If you did not please click here to sign up for a role.

Be sure to note what division you are signing up for, and if it is in Smithers or Telkwa.

It is your responsibility to be proactive and find a volunteer role.

When signing up for a volunteer role during registration, please make sure to return to Zone4 to complete registration.

Our first season or two using signup.com is sure to have a few minor hiccups, so as we transition to this new application, please be sure to bring any inconsistencies or errors to our attention (volunteer@bvsoccer) so we can correct them promptly.  We trust that moving to this website platform for our volunteers and duties will create better organization for both BVSS,  as well as for our parent volunteers.


  • 2020 Volunteer Hour Allocations