Smithers 2018 Schedule will be updated soon

The times and days of each practice/game in each division will most likely stay the same or similar for 2018. Locations may change due to field availability.

In the meantime, please look at 2017 schedule times/days posted below.

BVSS apologizes for any inconvenience


Houston Playing Locations and Times (is subject to change)

Div Houston
U6 Tues: 6-6:45
Thurs: 6-6:45
Four Seasons
U8 Tues: 6-6:45
Thurs: 6-6:45
Four Seasons
U10 Tues: 6-7
Thurs: 6-7
Four Seasons
U12 Tues: 7 (P)
Thurs: 7 (G)
U14 Tues: 7 (P) Four Seasons
Thurs: 7 (G) High School
U18 Tues: 7 (P) High School
Thurs: 7 (G) Four Seasons


  • 2017 BVSS Playing Locations PDF